Boeing moved quickly on the then renamed 737 MAX—its board formally approving the program’s launch in August 2011. The big exception is probably represented by those carriers that need to replace their Boeing 757s, particularly those flying longer-haul routes. How this battle plays out will have fundamental implications for the balance of power between the most important aerospace players in global aviation. Airways contributing editor Andreas Spaeth was present at the new Airbus’ inaugural flight, from Frankfurt (FRA) to Munich (MUC), and noted how, “on takeoff, the A320neo is audibly quieter tan earlier models.”. Boeing 737 MAX 10 versus Airbus A321neo; 43.80 m: 143 ft 8 in: length: 44.51 m: 146 ft: 35.92 m: 117 ft 10 in: wingspan: 35.80 m: 117 ft 5 in: 127.00 m 2: 1,367 ft 2: wingarea: 123.00 m 2: 1,324 ft 2: 12.30 m: 40 ft 4 in: height: 11.76 m: 38 ft 7 in: 2: engines: 2: 130 kN: 29,317 lb f: thrust per engine: 147 kN: 33,100 lb f: 260 kN: 58,634 lb f: total thrust: 294 kN: 66,200 lb f: 92,000 kgs: 203,000 lbs: MTOW: 93,500 kgs GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS), filiale de l'américain General Electric, a pour sa part annoncé l'acquisition de 20 Boeing 737 MAX 10. » Retrouvez notre dossier sur le Salon du Bourget. But overall, the dominance of the A321neo leads us to project that, in the long run, the neo will claim a 53%-55% share of the market versus the MAX; a narrower margin than today’s, but still a tangible victory. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Boeing offered the 707-700C, retrofitted with four General Electric/Snecma CFM56 engines, to those carriers that wished to retain their 707 fleets, but customers were lukewarm. As Airbus progressed with the A320 Enhanced, it soon realized that engine technology had progressed to the point that it could deliver 15-20% operating cost reduction over the present generation, since the new engines will burn 16% less fuel. In order to give you a better service Airbus uses cookies. Sud Aviation made its Caravelles Super by replacing the Avons with Pratt & Whitney JT8D turbofans. L’avionneur Boeing a … Apnée du sommeil : Comment mieux dormir ? Both of them can comfortably operate all of their missions with full loads. The … Ostrower also analyzed that the A321neo not only seats more customers than the Boeing 737 MAX 10 but that there might have been a tilting influence over the current Bombardier CSeries dispute. In the matchup of the new planes, Airbus is well ahead with 4,471 orders for the A320neo against the 3,072 of the MAX. And Airbus has paid a penalty. ... leaving aside the A321Neo vs 737-Max9/10 issues. The concept of re-engining an existing airframe while minimizing structural changes has been around since the beginnings of the jet era. Benjamin from Business Insider goes on to explain that the issue is the size of the engines and the way the original 737 was designed. The recent rout in oil prices will no doubt take a bite out of the sales prospects of both aircraft families. Apart from the head-to-head advantages for members of both families, the overall contest is likely to be shaped by external factors from Boeing and Airbus. The Boeing 737 MAX 10 will be the latest aircraft to wear the "737" designation, the best-selling commercial jetliner. Boeing’s 737 MAX 10 claims for overall performance versus A321neo. The 737 Max 8 has better range then the A320neo and higher max seating capacity. In a vacuum, the 737-8 MAX is a smidge superior to the A320neo, but other factors—such as commonality, mission profile, and availability—could tilt any particular contest in favor of Airbus. However, when American Airlines (AA)—a traditional and almost exclusively Boeing mainline customer—placed purchasing options for 280 A320neo family aircraft, along with a slew of A319 and A321ceos, the alarms went off in Seattle. The A320neo’s engines are understood to save at least 15% of fuel consumption and cut down on both noise and vibrations. Ces avions hybrides ou «MoM» pour Middle of the Market, sont de plus en plus demandés par les compagnies low cost, notamment celles qui ouvrent des liaisons long-courriers. At that point, other elements, such as pricing and capital deployment, loom larger for airlines looking to place replacement orders. Source: … CFM International will be the sole supplier for the Boeing 737 MAX, which will feature the slightly smaller LEAP-1B. La principale modification est l'implantation de moteurs CFM International LEAP-1B, plus gros et plus efficaces. The A320ceo family has the overall edge, but the 737-800 has actually outsold the A320ceo. 737 MAX 10. The -9 MAX is a limited performance from ever reaching its full potential. The initial reception was mixed, with some customers being disappointed that the company was not proceeding with the NSA. L'avionneur américain espère reprendre le leadership sur ce marché avec le 737 Max10 dont le rayon d'action (plus de 7 400 km) sera plus important que celui de l'A321neo (6 850 km). Vendre des milliers d'avions, c'est à la portée de n'importe qui (suffit de les donner à un euro). As it was starting with an older, and thus less optimized, airframe, Boeing had to invest more in aerodynamic improvements to squeeze in additional fuel efficiency, including the wing integration of the LEAP engine’s nacelle and a new advanced-technology winglet featuring a split tip. Comment choisir le meilleur extracteur de jus ? 737 MAX 10. However, the A321neo LR (long range) expands the A321neo’s range advantage. Interestingly, both families of aircraft opted to drop the smallest versions from their prior generations (the A318 and the 737-600). We also wrote several pieces on point in our column: Boeing contrattaque sur le marché des avions moyens courriers. Cette compagnie basée à Hong Kong a aussi signé un protocole d'accord pour 42 Boeing MAX 8 et huit gros porteurs 787-9. Airbus had sold close to 2,000 A320s before the 737NG’s entry into service (EIS), but Boeing rapidly narrowed the gap. The Max 8 has a higher MTOW. When an airline already has a large fleet of a certain type of aircraft, it is very likely to place replacement or growth orders for that same type—due to the cost savings offered by the commonality of all the divisions of the type. Airbus’ head start of nearly a year helped but, even since the MAX had won its first order, the neo has outsold its Boeing counterpart 3,327 to 3,072. The 737 Max 9 will replace the A320 family aircraft acquired by the airline in a 2016 merger with Virgin America, though the Airbus A321neo aircraft will stay in the fleet. Role Narrow-body ... compared to 193 in two-class seating for the A321neo. Even though the A320neo order book continued to expand, Boeing seemed to remain committed to the NSA. What to Hate. Airbus delivered its first A320neo, and Boeing successfully put its 737 MAX to the skies (at an incredibly quick and smooth pace). (At the time, MAX had not been launched.) So, in December 2010, the European manufacturer launched the A320neo, the suffix standing for ‘new engine option’—the then-current configuration would henceforth be known as A320ceo (current engine option).