If you've previously only thought of a bikini wax as a woman's domain, think again, because men will not want to wear one of these manly micros without one. man. He can laugh at himself and cares about other people’s happiness. A manly man is also brave and has strong moral fiber.” – Brittany S. 2. Legolas's nickname is Greenleaf, probably because it just sounds more manly than the elvish translation that means Nimbleleaf. Manley definition at Dictionary.com, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. The manly list of example sentences with manly. The suburbs comprise the following distinct municipalities, Alexandria, with a population in 1901 of 9341; Annandale, 8 349; Ashfield, 14,329; Balmain, 30,076; Bexley, 3079; Botany, 33 8 3; North Botany, 3772; Burwood, 7521; Camperdown, 7931 Canterbury, 4226; Concord, 2818;2818; Darlington, 3784; Drummoyne, 4244; Enfield, 2 4 97;97; Erskineville, 6059; Glebe, 19,220;, Hunter's Hill, 4232; Hurstville, 4019; Kogarah, 3892; Lane Cove, 1918; Leichhardt, 17,454; Manly, 5035; Marrickville, 18, 775; Eastwood, 713; Mosman, 5691; Newtown, 22,598;22,598; North Sydney, 22,040; Paddington, 21,984; Petersham, 15,307; Randwick, 9753; Redfern, 24,2,9; Rockdale, 7857; Ryde, 3222; St Peter's, 5906; Vaucluse, 1152; Waterloo, 9609;9609; Waverley, 12,342; Willoughby, 6004; Woollahra, 12,351. I get it. The "Wollner edict" of July 9, 1788, for the enforcement of Lutheran orthodoxy, and Teller's manly action, as member of the consistorial council, in defiance of it (cf. 2. In his time the Persians were a strong manly peasantry, domiciled in a healthy climate and habituated to all hardshipsa point repeatedly emphasized, in the tales preserved by Herodotus, as the cause of their successes (eg. St. Comp: These shorts come in "manly yellow" with black vertical stripes on one side, but you won't look like a bee (although you might sting like one). His frame is shorter and more spare and wiry than that of his neighbour to the north, though generations have given to him too a bold and manly bearing. Manly synonyms. . having the qualities or physical features that are admired or expected in a man. Ursula is warned by a dream to demand a respite of three years, during which time her companions are to be 1 i,000 virgins collected from both kingdoms. How strange, how extraordinary, how joyful it seemed, that her son, the scarcely perceptible motion of whose tiny limbs she had felt twenty years ago within her, that son about whom she used to have quarrels with the too indulgent count, that son who had first learned to say "pear" and then "granny," that this son should now be away in a foreign land amid strange surroundings, a manly warrior doing some kind of man's work of his own, without help or guidance. “Feelings are not supposed to be logical. Lets face it; it is just not manly for a man to wear jewelry. 1. Several of the more important fragments are found in Cicero, who expresses a great admiration for their manly fortitude and dignified pathos. Both she and Marian are held up for comparison with traditional dependent, romantic 'womanly' women. Though his favourite author was Dryden, whose prose is uniformly manly and simple, and though he had a keen eye for faults of taste in the style of others, Canning had himself a leaning to preciosity and tinsel. 4. He thought only of Ireland; lived for no other object; dedicated to her his beautiful fancy, his elegant wit, his manly courage, and all the splendour of his astonishing eloquence.". Dangerous is the man who has rationalized his … adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun] If you describe a man's behaviour or appearance as manly, you approve of it because it shows qualities that are considered typical of a man, such as strength or courage. This graphic is bogus. [approval] He set himself manly tasks and expected others to follow his example. See examples of Manly in English. Find more ways to say manly, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Look it up now! He is inclined to be merciful to the gladiators who display virtus or ` manly virtue '. Every man needs to have a set of good hobbies for men... because: If you’re like most guys, your free time is limited. Synonyms Antonyms Definitions Examples Part of speech. Being big, tough and strong is an example of being manly. In this book, Frank tries to get Greg to sign up for all sorts of "manly" activities. At that council the native Egyptian bishops were chiefly remarkable for their manly protest against enforcing celibacy on the clergy. With so many western style jackets to choose from, there's something for every manly man. The manly voice again interrupted the artillery officer. ), and cotton-poly blend (designed and marketed for hospital patients). He set up a public aqueduct in Holborn, and a hospice for the poor at Bath; he distributed every day to the sick the milk of twelve cows, took care of orphans, and encouraged manly sports on Sundays among the youth of London by giving prizes. The bass singer’s manly voice made all of the women in the crowd swoon. Learn more. Of works certainly executed by him during his years of travel there are extant, besides the Basel wood-block, only a much-injured portrait of himself, very finely dressed and in the first bloom of his admirable manly beauty, dated 1493 and originally painted on vellum but since transferred to canvas (this is the portrait of the Felix Goldschmid collection); a miniature painting on vellum at Vienna (a small figure of the Child-Christ); and some half a dozen drawings, of which the most important are the characteristic pen portrait of himself at Erlangen, with a Holy Family on the reverse much in the manner of Schongauer; another Holy Family in nearly the same style at Berlin; a study from the female nude in the Bonnat collection; a man and woman on horseback in Berlin; a man on horseback, and an executioner about to behead a young man, at the British Museum, &c. These drawings all show Diirer intent above all things on the sternly accurate delineation of ungeneralized individual forms by means of strongly accented outline and shadings curved, somewhat like the shadings of Martin Schongauer's engravings, so as to follow their modellings and roundness. Baby boys typically wear dubiously manly pastel blue booties and girls boast the dignity of garishly ruffled socks. They founded the monastery of Sord as a civilizing centre, and after giving Absalon the rudiments of a sound education at home, which included not only book-lore but every manly and martial exercise, they sent him to the university of Paris. to decorate the walls of his palaces at St Germain and Manly. These are plain manly compositions in the seven-lined Chaucerian stanza. I could not blush that my tender mind was entangled in the sophistry which had reduced the acute and manly understandings of a Chillingworth or a Bayle.". One of the generals who drove past was an acquaintance of the Rostovs', and Petya thought of asking his help, but came to the conclusion that that would not be a manly thing to do. They are covered by white sandstones and these by white chalk and manly beds, which represent the Upper Chalk of England. manly meaning: 1. having the qualities that people think a man should have: 2. having the qualities that people…. He delighted in sport and all manly exercises. If your bf will wear a manly bracelet and you can make one, this is a perfect gift. He was not a monarch to rouse enthusiasm, while much was expected from his brilliant, clever and handsome son Henry VIII., whose magnificent presence and manly vigour recalled the early prime of Edward IV. He was the ideal of manly beauty. He delighted in sport and all manly exercises. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. He was known to be truthful, upright and God-fearing; if he had neglected his studies it was to devote himself to manly sports and exercises; and in the pursuit of his favourite pastime, bear-hunting, he had already given proofs of the most splendid courage. The myth of Trump as a stereotypical "manly man" is a textbook example of cognitive dissonance. Manly P. Hall (1901-1990) was a seeker and lover of wisdom (the very definition of a philosopher) he had the courage and raw energy to look for wisdom in places most … Among a large section of the community patriotism became for the first time a consuming passion, and it was stimulated by the counsels of several manly teachers, among whom the first place belongs to the philosopher Fichte. His education was continued by capable tutors, and he not only attained excellence in all manly sports, but became perhaps more cultured than any other prince of his age. "At this time," wrote Burke, in words of manly self-assertion, thirteen years afterwards, "having a momentary lead (1780-1782), so aided and so encouraged,. Society teaches men crying is not manly so men will channel their anger through sports, exercise, or other physical activities. These men and their followers were never weary of ridiculing the timid caution of the aged statesman who sacrificed everything to perpetuate an inglorious peace and derisively nicknamed his adherents " Night-caps " (a term subsequently softened into " Caps "), themselves adopting the sobriquet " Hats," from the threecornered hat worn by officers and gentlemen, which was considered happily to hit off the manly self-assertion of the opposition. R: That's what we call our Manly Man line and it serves two purposes. He wrote poems of all kinds in a language hitherto employed only for ballads and hymns; he instituted a theatre, and composed a rich collection of comedies for it; he filled the shelves of the citizens with works in their own tongue on history, law, politics, science, philology and philosophy, all written in a true and manly style, and representing the extreme attainment of European culture at the moment. 1. he 2. him 3. his 4. man 5. men “Horse” is male only? The definition of manly is something having the characteristics or traditional virtues generally attributed to men. Christmas at the Lake has themed ornaments for categories that include whimsical ornaments and "manly man" ornaments. ‘The storyline is linear - easy enough for a child to follow - and the themes are clear and basic, touting … Peter Mack bounds down the aisle of the Arts Center and envelopes Tony Howard in a manly hug. A friend describes Wesley at this time as "a young fellow of the finest classical taste, and the most liberal and manly sentiments.". This online store is chock full of manly gift suggestions for your male attendants. Being big, tough and strong is an example of being manly. It is also charged with a robust and manly eloquence and a rare and unsought felicity of language that make it a masterpiece of style. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Koi are considered a manly symbol, especially after it was appropriated by the Boys' Day Festival in Japan. And at the end of the speech, the ghost exits, as though Macbeth has driven it away. They looked at one another (now that the hunt was over and they were in the house, Nicholas no longer considered it necessary to show his manly superiority over his sister), Natasha gave him a wink, and neither refrained long from bursting into a peal of ringing laughter even before they had a pretext ready to account for it. [Scene Summary] (A place Taoce is mentioned by Nearchus, by Strabo and by Ptolemy.) Of course, you want to make sure it's food that he actually likes - if you're not sure, then perhaps a gift certificate to a "manly" restaurant, like a steakhouse, would be a better idea. PugsGirl: Have a feeling that all of the styles look a little too rugged and manly for your tastes? There's a long tradition of difficult, 'manly'* women in literature and drama. The definition of manly is something having the characteristics or traditional virtues generally attributed to men. Manly's Specimens of the Pre-Shakspearean Drama (Boston, U.S.A., 1897). He seemed to her kind, brave, determined, manly, and magnanimous. The price may be steep, but this leather bag is unbelievably stylish, yet manly. His exquisite satirical songs, in an easy and elegant but still manly and splendid language, have raised much discussion. VIDEO EXAMPLES - STUDIO MANLY The mother-idea of his poems, he says, is democracy, and democracy "carried far beyond politics into the region of taste, the standards of manners and beauty, and even into philosophy and theology" His Leaves certainly radiates democracy as no other modern literary work does, and brings the reader into intimate and enlarged relations with fundamental human qualities - with sex, manly love, charity, faith, self-esteem, candour, purity of body, sanity of mind. The manly voice again interrupted the artillery officer. I’m over the muscles.” – Anna M. 3.… With so many feminine styles becoming available on the market for men, it's nice to revisit the "manly man" styles. Real sentences showing how to use Manly correctly. He seemed to her kind, brave, determined, manly, and magnanimous. His friendship towards the Tractarians exposed him to considerable persecution, but his simple manly character and zealous devotion to parochial work gained him the support of widely divergent classes. He … At his trial by court-martial in Dublin, Tone made a manly straightforward speech, avowing his determined hostility to England and his design "by fair and open war to procure the separation of the two countries," and pleading in virtue of his status as a French officer to die by the musket instead of the rope. " He is inclined to be merciful to the gladiators who display virtus or ` manly virtue ' . Again, put down the book and consider something appropriately manly, such as shooting wild boar in a thicket. For these reasons, many people avoid using adjectives like manly and object to their use. (like traditional strong male) mascolino, virile, maschio agg aggettivo : Descrive o specifica un sostantivo: "Una persona fidata " - "Con un cacciavite piccolo " - "Questioni controverse " Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. ‘a manly torso of perfect proportions’. 14. adjective All Rights Reserved. He has a deep, manly voice. Of, relating to, or characteristic of men, especially when considered traditionally masculine, as in being courageous or direct. He looked so manly in his uniform. Another word for manly. The most popular resorts are Manly Beach, Chowder Bay and Watson's Bay, in the harbour; Cabarita, on the Parramatta river; Middle Harbour; and Coogee Bay and Bondi, on the ocean beach; Botany, Lady Robinson's Beach, Sandringham and Sans Souci on Botany Bay. His most manly taste did not rise above the kind of military interest which has been defined as "corporal's mania," the passion for uniforms, pipeclay, buttons, the "tricks of parade and the froth of discipline.". Opaque tights don't necessarily require them; they can cover the bumps and hairs that come with those manly calves and thighs. est 1. 3. a manly and generous nature was well known to the personal friends of Fox, and is now universally allowed. Manly soils are those which contain a considerable percentage (10-20) of lime, and are called clay marls, loamy marls and sandy marls, according as these several ingredients preponderate. They usually represent something macho and manly, with the theme of the cake often taken from one of the groom's cherished pastimes. Manly is used with these nouns: chest. Examples of manly in a Sentence Adjective He wasn't manly enough to fight. Studio Manly is a creative sound-proofed studio space for TV, video, live webcasts and photography. Jeff's father's attempts to make his son more manly, and Greg's further rebuffs at becoming more manly represent a classic struggle to which few teens can't relate. Katherina in The Taming of the Shrew is a good example of a woman with a brain who understands the way the word works and says so. Located at the gateway to Sydney's Northern Beaches. You see to some a man must look like a Rugby Player or WWE Wrestler with huge muscles to be really manly. Avapkas, manly), the Christian Apostle, brother of Simon Peter, was born at Bethsaida on the Lake of Galilee. Top synonyms for manly (other words for manly) are male, courageous and masculine - Page 2. Emotional. A survey commissioned by Stormline, makers of ‘foul weather gear’ – we’re not just talking outdoor clothing here, or even clothing for bad weather, actual foul weather, the worst there is – has found marine engineer to be the most manly job in Britain. Wilfred Tomkinson (" Phoebe," North Star," Trident," Mansfield," Whirlwind," Myngs," Velox," Morris Moorsom Melpomene, "Tempest" and "Tetrarch" to escort the force and cover it to seaward; "Termagant," "Truculent" and "Manly" to screen the Zeebrugge monitors). Anyone can be courageous and strong. And after a long work week, it’s tough to use that free time for anything other than lying on the couch. Recent Examples on the Web: Adverb Trump's Covid drive by proves downplaying illness isn't manly — … manly fellow, and highly respected in the neighborhood. Maria would never recognize who they were, and she would collapse fainting into his manly arms. It didn't seem a very manly thing to do: he couldn't say why. He adopted what to undergraduates appeared the effeminate pose of casting scorn on manly sports, wearing his hair long, decorating his rooms with peacock's feathers, lilies, sunflowers, blue china and other objets d'art, which he declared his desire to "live up to," affecting a lackadaisical manner, and professing intense emotions on the subject of "art for art's sake" - then a new-fangled doctrine which J. Sheridan declared him to be the most manly orator he had ever heard. So, they will start wearing the Manly Man stuff and their hope is that, of course, that their wife will enjoy the feel of it also, and be able to slowly feminize it. speakers to be named with him in his best days at the Irish bar; but his style, if not of the most perfect kind, and often disfigured by decided faults, was marked by a peculiar subtlety and manly power, and produced great and striking effects. On this subject he wrote a very manly letter to the king in his own defence. Synonyms: virile, male, masculine, macho More Synonyms of … Dripping with manly masculinity, the police officer courageously put his self on the line shift after shift. recognize who they were, and she would collapse fainting into his manly arms. Examples of Manly in a sentence. manly smell | January 1, 2004 02:40 PM Happy New Year! Gettin' Big: Naturally this is related to the previous two points but since "gettin' big" (or "bulking") is of … . Robert Evans: If there's a sunglass out there that says "manly," this is it. And there’s probably no more manly worker than a marine engineer plying his trade in some foul weather gear. He was trained in all manly accomplishments by heroes of the highest renown in each, until in a transport of anger at a reprimand he slew Linus, his instructor in music, with the lyre. He has never developed callouses or, for that matter, gotten his hands dirty. PREV WORD NEXT WORD. Their king over the water had, in a manly and magnanimous letter to his adherents, refused to change his creed, and when Bolingbroke fled from England his evangelical efforts at proselytizing James were fruitless. Endowed with a handsome face and manly figure, he studied the delivery and gestures of the most distinguished advocates in the Forum, especially Q. Lists. virtue. Oxford Collocations Dictionary. Boris, grown more manly and looking fresh, rosy and self-possessed, entered the drawing room elegantly dressed in the uniform of an aide-de- camp and was duly conducted to pay his respects to the aunt and then brought back to the general circle. This was manly, as the world goes; and yet it was idle, if not desperate. I tried to talk Brian into it but he was far too manly for such silly theatricals. 11. Similarly, Lister's history includes a rather manly grandmother and a father who owned a dog named Hannah. He delighted in sport and all manly exercises. This was manly, as the world goes; and yet it was idle, if not desperate. At the time, they were the manly answer to women's string bikinis. There's flannel, as seen here (maybe it's more "manly"? Example: He calls himself a manly man who enjoys manly things like powerlifting and beef stew. manly pursuits, something like 'how do car radiators work? “A manly man is compassionate, humble, and full of heart. His work is full of humour and the clean, manly joy of life; and its rusticity is singularly allied to a literary sense and to high technical finish. adjective manlier, manliest. Therefore, manly business names will likely include keywords that best describe common male behavioral traits and attributes. Edvard Lembcke (18r5-1897) made himself famous as the admirable translator of Shakespeare, but the incidents of 1864 produced from him some volumes of direct and manly patriotic verse. The deck was later published as the Knapp-Hall Tarot when it was reissued by Manly P. Knapp continued publishing his illustrations in various books, but it wasn't until 1918 when he moved to Los Angeles where he met and began working with Manly P. Born in 1901 in Ontario, Canada, Manly P. Red Wing shoes are manufactured for the practical working man who has little time for frills but abundant time for generally manly endeavors. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. But the prevailing impression we carry away after reading him is that in all his early satires he was animated by a sincere and manly detestation of the tyranny and cruelty, the debauchery and luxury, the levity and effeminacy, the crimes and frauds, which we know from other sources were then rife in Rome, and that a more serene wisdom and a happier frame of mind were attained by him when old age had somewhat allayed the fierce rage which vexed his manhood. Manly fans have noticed a familiar figure mowing lawns in the heart of Sea Eagles territory over the summer. The ‘manly’ job index. Manly sentence examples. Under the paternal eye the education of young Timur was such that at the age of twenty he had not only become an adept in manly outdoor exercises but had earned the reputation of being an attentive reader of the Koran. He never seems to have been addicted to any manly sport, and took little exercise. The pretty Aussie pair tied the knot June 25, 2006 at the Cardinal Cerretti Memorial Chapel on St. Patrick's Estate at Manly in Sydney, Australia, during a candlelight ceremony at sunset. Besides maintaining a manly spirit in the population, the towns rapidly added to their importance by the stimulus they gave to all kinds of industry and trade. This was manly, as the world goes; and yet it was idle, if not desperate. The European, especially if he come from India, is charmed by their apparently frank, openhearted, hospitable and manly manners; but the charm is not of long duration, and he finds that the Afghan is as cruel and crafty as he is independent. A business name is considered "manly" when it has clear connotations of masculinity, which is often associated with strength, bravery, and professionalism. The generous scorn and pathos of the historian acting on extraordinary gifts of imaginative insight and characterization, and the fierce indignation of the satirist finding its vent in exaggerating realism, doubtless to some extent warped their impressions; nevertheless their works are the last voices expressive of the freedom and manly virtue of the ancient world. He seemed to her kind, brave, determined, manly, and magnanimous. Nevertheless he proved more than a match for the forensic ability arrayed against him, and his first plea in defence is in a high degree dignified and manly.