Using advanced analytics, a manufacturer was able to track the nine parameters that most explained yield variation. Thus the team has achieved their first small step towards process improvement. For example, how many pieces an employee produced in an hour is data, but your perception of the employee’s attitude is a feeling. Sometimes boards with intermittent defects pass final electrical test and are shipped to customers. How do employees know if they are doing better or worse? The feedback is pretty straightforward: For any department that falls below 100% efficiency, supervisors need to provide the top three reasons why. As director of quality it is your responsibility to discuss these problems with your customers and to outline to them a program for improving product quality. Both of these defects can be detected by an electrical test performed by a board tester. The item type, whether it is core, multi-layer board etc. However, if 5 are started and 4 have been completed, but 1 is still in work on the first pass, then the first pass yield is calculated as (4/4) * … This is the standard yield. Units that are inspected and found to have either Handling or Machine damage are disposed off as scrap. Boards that are found to be defective during test are normally routed to a Rework operation. Based on our observations, audit and analysis, we conclude that the manufacturing and materials departments at